• Cheese Boards
    A great addition to any event whether it be a dinner party or just a night in with friends
    is a cheese board. There are so many options when it comes to entertaining with
    cheese. One easy way to do it is to get one large piece of your favourite cheese and
    serve with crusty bread or crackers. Accompany this with fresh fruit and you're already
    on to a winner. Many people, if they have a large group to cater for, will get a full wheel
    of ripe Brie de Meaux, served with crisp apples and freshly baked ciabatta bread.
    This can create a memorable display with little effort.

  • Selecting Your Cheese
    There are no set rules when it comes to cheese boards. Traditionally, and still most
    frequently, people enjoy variety. A traditional cheese board will include a soft, hard,
    blue and goat. A good place to start would be to pick a personal favourite and build
    the board around this cheese. For example, if Comte was to be your starting point,
    it would be good to add a piece of Bried de Meaux or maybe a more pungent Epoisse.
    With this, a piece of Cashel Blue, Ireland's most popular blue, would work really well.
    Three pieces of cheese is perfect but to add a delicate goats cheese gives the board
    another dimension. St. Tola from Co. Clare or a black ash covered Triaskel Pyramid
    from Co. Waterford would be perfect. This is also a good mix of both local, Irish and
    continental cheese.

  • Themed Cheese Boards
    Another option is to go for a themed cheeseboard. This could either be related to
    country of origin of the cheese, for example, a Spanish board may pair mature
    Manchego with a blue Cabrales and a more buttery Mahon. Serve with Spanish wines,
    cured meats and olives, and you just have to close your eyes and dream of the balmy
    Spanish evening. Even easier is to stay local. Irish cheese is now recognised the world
    over. A beautiful sweet St Gall from Co. Cork, a Camembert style Cooleeney from
    Tipperary, why not add in a Mossfield Organic Gouda with cumin seeds. Added to
    this a sharp Bellingham Blue from Co. Louth, would make for an interesting
    combination. Serve with a sweet and crisp apple and an Irish fruit chutney. The other
    option when it comes to themes is to stick to a particular type of milk, for example,
    sheep or goat. A goat's Camembert (Gortnamona from Co. Tipperary) paired with a
    hard St. Tola along with a Pave Blesois. Ideally this would be served with fresh figs,
    a fig chutney and a crusty white cob.

  • Timing
    Another important note is to ask our cheese monger what is good on the day
    you are making your purchase. Also let us know when you are planning to serve
    your cheese selection; we may have cheeses which are ready for that day and
    those which will be ready for eating later. It is best to get the cheese as close as
    possible to the time you are serving, as smaller pieces of cheese will have a
    tendency to dry out in the fridge over time. Of course buying your cheese
    selection on the day you are eating them may not always be possible so it is
    important to take the cheese out of the fridge at least an hour before serving to
    bring back to room temperature, allowing you to fully appreciate the subtle flavours
    of the cheese.

  • Cheese Groups
    Blue: There is a phenomenal number of blue cheese available.  Most modern blues
    have a culture (penicillin) added whilst the cheese is young but, traditionally, as the
     cheese matured in caves and cellars, blue would have entered the cheese through
    cracks in the cheese surface.  Well known blue cheese includes Roquefort made with
    Sheep's milk, Stilton from the UK (a much dryer crumbly blue) and Ireland's favourite
    Cashel Blue made by the Grubb family in Co. Tipperary.

    Flavoured cheese: Cheese makers have been manipulating cheese for hundreds of
    years by adding all sort of herbs, spices, nuts and fruits to their cheese. Dutch
    makers have added cumin seed to their Gouda wheels for centuries to create
    Leyden/Leiden. Similarly, Ralph Halsam adds herbs, cumin seed and even seaweed
    to his fantastic organic Mossfield Farm cheese.  The list of flavoured cheese is
    endless; some love them others not so.  But with the amount of different added
    ingredients it's always worth bearing them in mind; many will surprise, even delight you.

  • More Cheese Groups
    Fresh Cheeses: These are chesses that are ready to eat within a few days of
    production. Fresh cheeses are best used when cooking or as part of a light summer
    salad.  Examples include feta, halloumi, mozzarella and ricotta.

    Hard Cheeses: Can vary greatly in style.  From a crumbly cheddar to an Emmental
    with an elastic texture each hard cheese has it's own unique quality.  The age of
    the cheese has a large bearing on the strength of flavours. A robust and rich 36
    month old  Parmigiano Reggiano will be completely different to a mild and fruity
    St Brigid at its best from six to eight weeks after production.

    Washed rind: Including Ardrahan and Gubbeen from Co. Cork and the deliciously
    creamy Taleggio from Bergamo, Italy.  Washed rind cheeses are bathed in a salty
    brine and sometimes wine or beer is added to this. The brine helps form a rind
    around a soft or semi-soft cheese.

We're passionate about cheese. We stock over 100 different types of both Irish and international cheese varieties. Sheep, buffalo, goats, cow, you name it, we've got it. Over the years we have built up relationships with many local farmers. They send us their cheese when it is at its peak condition ensuring that our customers get the best cheese in the country. We also have a fantastic selection from around Europe, delicious alpine Beaufort to Manchego from the La Mancha region of Spain.

Cavistons cheese counter has been recognised internationally and was voted in the top 10 of the London Independents top 50 places to buy cheese in the UK and Ireland.

If you’re looking for something different for your special day we can provide cheese wedding cakes. Come in and meet with us, have a taste and we can put together a tiered cake made from cheese to give your wedding the wow factor.

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